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Windows Phone 7 Emulator Tip #1

12. July 2010

Today the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools (WPDT) were released to the public!  First let me say that I’m ecstatic about this release.  The emulator and phone API was improved so much.  Check out the release notes and you will see the differences.  But now for the tip.

Press the Pause/Break button when the emulator is running and you can use your computer keyboard for input instead of the emulator keyboard with mouse clicking.  This is a HUGE time saver if you want to test out your forms.  However, it comes with a bug.  It seems that orientation misbehaves after you press that button.

To reproduce:

1. Create a simple Windows Phone 7 project using the project template from the July 12 WPDT.
2. Add a TextBox to the MainPage.xaml.
3. Compile and run the application.
4. Set focus to the TextBox in the running application using your mouse.
5. Notice that the emulator on screen keyboard appears.
6. Press the Pause/Break button on your keyboard.
7. Notice that the emulator keyboard closes.
8. Begin typing using your keyboard to confirm the state change.
9. Click the orientation button for the emulator.
10. Notice the screen stays in the Portrait orientation that you started the application in.


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